Dave Ghidiu


Kindle Direct Publishing
Rochester Regional Library Council - 2014
Rochester, New York

It has been said that "...everyone has at least one good book in them". One of the many obstacles to realizing that book is publishing. But ebooks have radically changed the way we consume and create publications. Amazon has done a tremendous job providing tools that help anyone publish and distribute a book. The RRLC invites you to learn about the easy tools Kindle makes freely available. The first half of this workshop will be a tour of CreateSpace, by Allison Brown.
Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

iBooks Author
Rochester Regional Library Council - 2014
Rochester, New York

The iBooks Author software is perhaps the most potent, intuitive, and beautiful software in the publishing realm. This workshop will take the participants from zero to hero in the iBook realms, and provide insight to the basic tools and philosophy of iBooks Author design. 

Leveraging Collaborative, Cloud-based Resources Within the Framework of an LMS
SUNY CIT - 2013
Utica, NY

Using the existing infrastructure of an LMS as the gatekeeper and herder, it is easy to exploit collaborative tools such as GoogleDocs, Evernote, Pinterest, OneDrive, Twiddla and other tools as a semi-private conduit of information exchange. The benefits are two-fold: students do not need individual accounts (although they can create them and add the content into their own personal collection), and faculty do not need to log into the LMS to modify content (which is wonderful for mobile device users). This installment is phase one of two.

50 Ways to use Google Drive to Personalize Education (and by 50, I mean a lot. And by Google Drive, I mean all free resources. But mostly Google stuff).

Big Picture Schools: Big Bang - 2013
Providence, Rhode Island

A quick run down of apps that are relevant for teachers and students. This list also examines apps that can be used for content curation.
Big Picture, Big Bang

College Readiness
Monroe BOCES #1 - 2013
Rochester, New York

High school seniors have a serious technology gap to overcome as they embark on their collegiate path. This discussion addresses the technology gap between high school and college.

College readiness (from a technology standpoint)

eBook Overview
Monroe BOCES #1 - 2013
Rochester, New York

Publishing content is the next phase in education. Having the ability to create content as an instructor allows for a targeted instruction model, and having students create content yields an enhanced relationship with information.